Terms & Conditions

Note to customers before buying PRINTS:

Please be advised that it may take up to 2 full weeks (10 working days) for your prints to arrive in the post (UK & Ireland – check for delivery times further to afield by email please). Please note also the print you get in the post will appear WITHOUT the "RR" Rallyretro watermark, may vary slightly in colours due to two different scanning processes and due to there being many different kinds of photos online - neg, slide, large format, etc, the original digital scan could potentially be slightly out of scale per the print size you select. If this is the case, we will do our best to get you the next best size which fits the scale better. Where a negative for a particular print is square, you will receive the nearest longest side in size possible to that which you have ordered. (For example, a 12" x 8" print would probably translate to a 10" 10" print).

Note to customers before buying DIGITAL IMAGES:

You purchase a Digital Image from Rallyretro.com on the basis that you will not mass reproduce, sell or distribute copies of the scan in any way. The images (whether in print, digital or neg form) are all copyright of Rallyretro C/O Fergus McAnallen and any image sold on this site, found to be copied or sold without prior permission, is liable for copyright infringement.

Please be advised that it may take up to 2 full weeks (10 working days) for your images to arrive with you as they may need to be rescanned from the original negative and this could take some time to retrieve


If you do intend to use the images for a publication or website please let us know and we should be able to accommodate you. Email Fergus@rallyretro.com  more details.


If your original purchased image does not come through to your email inbox you can email us and it can be resent but only to the same email address. If you prefer not to accept images by email we can arrange to have them sent on a blank recordable CD or DVD. A surcharge may apply if less than 10 images are purchased in total. Regarding the quality of the high res scans, We will endeavour to provide you with as high a quality possible digital scan of the image(s) you have selected for purchasing.


Almost all of the digital high res scans you will buy from this site will have been scanned directly from the negative, transparency or slide at 300dpi and at dimensions possible of stretching comfortably to a 12"x8" print (or even a 18"X12" depending upon image type, crop and modifications done to make it suitable).


By default high res scans bought from the site will be emailed to you. If upon review by the site admin (as is the case for each order) that the image is unsatisfactory, you will be notified by email and another better scan of the same image will be sent to you. This may be sent from either rallyretro@hotmail.com or Fergus@rallyretro.com


We would hope that where the image needs rescanned that we will have it sent to you within two weeks from the time you order them.