About RallyRetro


RallyRetro is an innovative motorsports photography archive compiled over the past decade by rally enthusiast Fergus McAnallen from Dungannon Co.Tyrone. The archive is literally a pictorial step through rallying history, with it being made up of a number of individual photographer and agency collections of which the negatives and copyrights were bought, and with images ranging from the early 1960s to present. The material includes Irish, British, European and World events as well as unique collections of PR and launch shots, Manufacturers collections, testing days and hybrid track and rallycross events also. With an original website having been set up in April 2006 there were 19,000 images and a new revised one early in 2012 restarting from afresh there hopes to be much more material put online as time goes on. The complete extensive offline archive now consists of some 250,000 black and white and colour scanned images with an additional circa 150,000 more modern images yet to be processed. Whilst on the site you can view many of the extensive galleries of images, see a few high resolution samples, enquire about photos not online or suggest a caption.

We have also set up Facebook and Twitter pages to keep interested people updated on the latest site developments and uploads.

If you have any suggestions or comments that I can take on board when designing the new site, don't hesitate to email me fergus@rallyretro.com



I would like to thank a number of people: Kevin O Driscoll whose voluntary and untiring hard work has made it possible to have a portal to sell the images! He has voluntarily sorted, scanned, digitised, captioned and handled about 90% of the so far scanned material, and for that I am hugely indebted to him. RallyRetro would also like to thank the other following people: Andrew Bushe, Kieran McAnallen, Colin Taylor (RIP), Chris Taylor and Adam Cathersides of CTP, Frank Williams of SpeedSports, Richard O'Rourke of Autofocus, Kevin Kiely, John Hurson, Colin Valentine, Alan Dalton, Norman Blakeney, and the beneficiaries of the estate of Chris Money (RIP). Also thanks to all the photographers who helped produce the CTP archive which was a large factor behind me setting up the site. Foster & Skeffington also need a shout. They produced some amazing images durign their time and I nherited some of that material through Colin Taylor. All of these people have contributed  to the archive to some extent or have sourced material to be added to the archive. Also Pete Hawkins and Colm Mitchell for backend site work, Aiden Donnelly for setup help, as well as Barry Meeke of stagetimes.com, and Graham Curry, John Stafford, Fergal Kelly and Robert Ewing for other technical issues.